Two-Part Standing Poses Workshop

Sunday 22nd and 29th April
1-4pm Cost $105.00 both workshops.

Standing poses are invigorating, dynamic asanas renown for building strength and stamina, while bringing functional balance and flexibility to the legs, hips and in turn the spine. The standing poses are really the foundation of the practice, we never stop working with them – they are the base! Standing poses have a grounding effect on us physically, emotionally and mentally. In the first workshop we will start with the preliminary standing poses and carry that understanding through into the second workshop where we will include the more challenging standing poses – the revolving and balancing standing asana. Standing poses are strenuous and demanding but refresh the body and mind by infusing the whole system with energy. The standing poses remove tension, aches and pains while improving mobility and circulation. 

These workshops are suitable for all students just not new beginners, sorry.



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